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Minions ringtone - Ba Ba Banana An idiot is calling Darth Vader ringtone New iPhone ringtone – Opening Madagascar ringtone – Move it! Ringtones with Minions - Text Message Kill Bill Whistle ringtone Meow Meow messaging tone iPhone ringtone - Marimba Jack Sparrow in a SMS tone Laughing Chipmunk ringtone Loosing sound - Mario Bros ringtone Whistle from iPhone message Elegant Ringtone Wazzzuuuuup! Ringtone Pink Panther Tone A very romantic tone

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Minions ringtone - Ba Ba Banana Minions continue working on the best ringtones! An idiot is calling Someone is calling, an idiot maybe?
Darth Vader ringtone The Dark Side calls you? New iPhone ringtone – Opening The newest iPhone ringtone from iOS 7 in a download.
Madagascar ringtone – Move it! Do you like Move it Move it? Because I want see you move it move it! Ringtones with Minions - Text Message Minions are always working to get the best ringtones! Kill Bill Whistle ringtone This sound can be the last one you are going to hear in your life... Just kidding!